Front of house, reception and concierge

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new approach and vision to reception  and

concierge services.


 represents a new approach and vision to reception and concierge services. Our professional reception and concierge team provides unprecedented levels of customer service and satisfaction and quickly becomes the public face of your organisation, delivering a 5-star service of the very highest quality

Our team of highly motivated security professionals bring with them many years of experience in the security industry.

We offer skilled, knowledgeable personnel trained to SIA (Security Industry Authority) Approved Standards with a professional attitude and approach

We’re experienced in designing, setting up and running a bespoke reception and concierge service. We can take care of your complete front of house function, including:

  • designing the service from end to end
  • employing and managing front of house reception or concierge staff
  • welcoming and greeting your staff and visitors
  • creating a positive customer experience
  • aiding with your visitors’ onward journey, and
  • providing and looking after interior plant displays and flowers to complete the look of your reception desk
  • Door Supervision, Static Guarding and Events
  • Reception and Concierge
  • CCTV Surveillance Monitoring
  • Key Holding and Alarm Response
  • Consultancy
  • Training



the front of house

security cleaning first impressions

Security provides uniformed security personnel to a diverse range of clients across a wide range of sector.and services the uk

security officers provide a highly effective visual deterrent, drastically reducing your risks which goes a long way to providing a safe and secure environment for you, your business, staff and customers.

All businesses need a safe and secure environment in which to operate and flourish, achieving this ideal environment is fraught with many challenges. Preventing unauthorised access to your property, preventing criminal damage, theft, arson and reducing the potential for assault are all real risks which must be addressed.

The key to reducing these risks and establishing the safe and secure environment which we all strive for is to be aware, alert and prepared for any eventuality and this is where can help. As a leading nationwide provider of manned guarding services, are experts in corporate security solutions.


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From front of house to night security patrols, epicfirst provides staff that are alert, smart and who project the right image for our customers in the following areas:

Security officers
Weighbridge operators
Reception staff
Access control systems and administration
CCTV systems
Plant tracking systems
Mobile patrols, alarm response and key holding services

cleaning services


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July 7, 2017

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