Why Choose Us

Our workforce are highly skilled, trained and reliable. This means that you can rely on them to do all of the tasks that you need doing. Whether it’s cleaning, security or one of our many facilities management services


         why choose us

Epicfirstsupport  provides the most efficient cleaning and security service across the country. 

Some reasons to make use of our service


Epicfirstsupport  provides the most efficient cleaning and security service across the country. Some reasons to make use of our service.night cleaning operative

Why Choose Us

The benefit of having us work for you is that you get to save time and money by giving us the privilege of helping you. You get to have all the control that you require while, at the same time, having everything taken care of by a centralized team of dedicated and trained staff that has the knowledge and experience to offer the highest levels of customer service. And most importantly, we help your business save some much more needed money to reduce the weight of your budget in the execution of other business projects.

Why Use our Service

Experienced Workers:

With our experience of providing quality cleaning and security service to customers across the nation, we know what it means to ensure customer satisfaction. This is why Epicfirstsupport has always employed skilled and experienced workers to help make sure we provide true cleaning and security solution.very best into delivering Professional Floor Cleaning Service


Save Time:

epicfirstsupport  provides its clients with the efficient cleaning and security service ever. By using our service, you don’t need to worry about crucial things such as cleaning your office floor, windows, etc. We arrive at the agreed time and get the job done at amazing speed, keeping your property flawless.


Quality Commitment:

At epicfirstsupport we believe in customer satisfaction. This is why we ensure that we put in our very best into delivering most efficient cleaning and security service you can find around at a very affordable price. You can save your money by giving us the work, which saves your expenses and stress. very best into delivering Professional Floor Cleaning Service  customer satisfaction



This is one of the things our customers love us for. By using our service, you get professionalism. We provide the most professional service in cleaning and security across all industry sectors. You get superior cleaners and security personnel from trained skilled and reliable experts.

The best solution for all your facilities

We’re experts in facilities. From cleaning to catering and security to waste management, there’s only one company you need to manage all your facilities. We provide a comprehensive range of essential facilities management services to numerous clients and sectors.

Our management team design bespoke integrated solutions for both public sector and private sector organisations.

Our client base includes some of the largest purchasers of facilities management services in the country: global business brands and city firms in the private sector to local authorities, non-departmental public bodies and educational facilities in the public sector.


  • Construction                               Retail

  •  Night cleaning operative

  • Retail                                          food manufacturing

  • Corporate & Professional           Hotels

  • Education                                   Leisure and visitor attractions

  • Public Sector                             Professional Floor Cleaning Service

High Quality Services

High Quality

Experts Here

Quality Work



We thrive on feedback and constantly listen to our customers, so we know that we’re providing what people need. We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to cleanliness and ensuring environments are sterile. All of our team are highly trained which means that they’re thorough and you can feel that the job will be one that is well done. Professional Floor Cleaning Service to high standards


Much like our reputation speaks for itself, we know that your business premises is extremely important. We’re here to take care of that and help you create a work space that you can be proud of, without any of the hassle.


As someone who runs their own business you don’t want to spend your time cleaning, instead you want to get down to the important stuff and ensuring that your business is a success. So put your cleaning needs in our more than capable hands and let us deal with the presentation of your work space.

Above and Beyond

We’re proud to offer a service that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Behind the scenes, we monitor each contract to ensure that performance standards are being met and that you’re left 100% satisfied. We constantly listen to feedback and encourage you to get in touch should you have anything to say about any project that we’re undertaking for you.

We know that allowing people into your work place is a big deal so we make sure that everyone who works for us has been referenced and security cleared. They’re all insured and will always turn-up to your premises in a full uniform.

If you want to know more about what Epic First Group Cleaning and Security Services and what we can do for you then make sure you get in touch today!

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