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We specialise in a range of facilities management solutions, and from cleaning to security, we have you covered. Find out more about our services below…

cleaning staff Epic First Support Facility Management Services, is a specialized business that facilitates great strategies to manage every part of your office space, from full cleaning services through to office or building security.
What we deliver for our clients is a stress free environment that is clean and secure. This allows them to focus on their business and to get to where they want to be and maintain maximum productivity. We over a value for money service that delivers to our clients needs. The contracts we win support our growing reputation in this field, we care about the world too, and only use ethically tested materials in our cleaning services. Epic First Support have been shown to outperform our competitors, because we genuinely care.
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Innovative facility solutions that allow you to deliver all your priorities.

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Ensuring you always create a first impression that counts

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A responsive range of specialist services delivered by our fully trained in-house experts

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Security Services

Keeping our employee, customer,visitors, premises and assets safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining cleanliness in the workplace not only creates a healthier environment for employees but also tends to help companies become more efficient and productive. Productivity: Provisions for a clean environment can increase the productivity of employees. Keeping your workplace clean can therefore reduce sickness and therefore reduce lost work days. This is why it’s important that your office has a good cleaning company staff six benefits and 5 reasons why a clean workplace is good for your businesses.

1- Give a good impression to clients

2- Increase the productivity of your employees

3- Make your employees happy

4- Safeguard your employees’ health

5- Reduce hazards

6- Keep your office running smoothly

7- Conclusion

8- Air quality

We often get asked office are unique, and you aren’t forced to have the same service as everyone else. The fees are based on the services we agree with you, and will take account of factors such as the size of property to be cleaned, the number of occupants, and the frequency of the clean in your businerss or organisation

Toggle ContentOur carefully selected, vetted, and rigorously trained staff usually work in three person teams. This ensures the work is carried out efficiently and effectively. We endeavour to ensure the same team work for you each time.


First of all, we are fully insured. If you have any items which are particularly delicate or irreplaceable, or of high sentimental value, please let us know at our initial meeting so we can discuss your requirements. As you’d expect, we treat your possessions with the utmost care. In the highly unlikely event that something is damaged or broken, the supervisor will leave notification in writing for you and we will endeavour to contact you immediately


We meet with you at your  office, to establish your preferences and needs by discussion and by going through each room. Usually this takes around half an hour, but as with the service itself, this is for you so if you would like to ask more questions, or to be more detailed in the planning, please allow longer. We take note of any specific concerns, and anything that requires special care. We always confirm what we have agreed to do in writing, so you know exactly what to expect.

Open up any cleaning cupboard and you’ll be confronted with a wide range of chemicals fit to tackle most cleaning tasks. But what happens when the product you’re using isn’t up to the job? Do you go back and grab something with a little more kick? Make a little chemical cocktail? Of course you do. But here is why you should never mix cleaning chemicals.


Draincleaner                 Drain  cleaner

ead the label on pretty much any cleaning product and it will quite clearly state ‘Do not mix cleaning products together’ and you should most definitely heed this warning when dealing with drain cleaners.

Here’s why: Not all drain cleaners are the same. Different brands of drain cleaner for different purposes have entirely different ingredients to each other, which, if mixed, can create some pretty nasty chemical reactions. This ranges from at best causing skin burns and irritations to, at absolute worst, death. A drain cleaner with a bleach base carelessly mixed with a hydrochloric acid based drain cleaner will blend together to produce chlorine gas. If it doesn’t kill you, you will almost certainly have difficulty breathing and a serious case of skin, eye and airway irritation. My top tip – do not mix cleaning chemicals.


The household cleaners that you should never mix at the risk of creating toxic gasses

  • Bleach is especially toxic and should not be mixed with anything other than water.
  • Some of the most deadly combinations are ammonia and bleach, vinegar and bleach, and rubbing alcohol and bleach.
  • You should protect yourself from toxic mixtures by wiping down already cleaned surfaces with water before you use another chemical, wearing protective gloves while you clean, and opening windows for better ventilation.
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Our quality assured system starts with the high level of training and motivation that all our cleaners possess, followed by the allocation of a trained team supervisor to your home or office who monitors all aspects of the clean. In addition senior management will carry out rigorous spot checks. And of course we check with you and welcome all feedback – positive or negative!

We pride ourselves on being “ecosystem agnostic”: whether you use Google Apps or Office365, Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, we will support your team.  Need to install a server onsite or host one virtually on Amazon or Azure? We will support you.  Need to transition from one ecosystem to another?  We’ll be there for you.

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We pride ourselves that our people come first. By joining the Epic First Support family you will receive excellent support, development and training. We also offer a huge range of benefits for you and your mily.

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