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8 Ways Touchpoint Ways Cleaning Service in Can Help Your Business

W Touchpoint cleaning

Common frequerntly Asked Questions

Touch point cleaning list:

  • Light switches
  • Door handles (including cupboard doors)
  • Door push areas
  • Appliance handles, such as fridge, oven etc
  • Kettle handle / toaster knobs
  • Appliance buttons and dials
  • TV remotes
  • Kitchen work surfaces
  • Basin / bath / sink taps
  • Toilet flush
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • Tables and desks
  • Keyboards
  • Other office equipment, eg printers
  • Landline phones, and mobiles
  • Bannisters / handrails
  • Lift buttons
office cleaning staff
office cleaning staff 5 Ways a Professional Office Cleaning Service in Can Help Your Business

Here are the top five ways that a professional office cleaning service not can but will help your business thrive.

hemselves. And, you want your customers to like you, or at least think you’re an attractive, professional place to visit. The last thing you want is for your employees to tell customers that youdon’t care about your physical location.

So, how do you accomplish all these things and still have some left over for your businesses growth? You hire a professional office cleaning service. We’re going to cover everything you need to know to get the cleaning done right

and on time, what to expect from your service, how to hire a cleaning service that’s going to offer exceptional customer

service and ultimately how to get your business clean and sanitary.
Get to know your employees.
The cleaning of your office environment is the ultimate responsibility of you as the owner, manager or

supervisor. Don’t expect your employees to do all the work, because they can’t. A professional cleaning service will go out of its way to make sure your employees are happy and confident in their work

– Is a hair dryer/vacuum extension needed?
In the course of your interview, these types of questions should be asked to ensure that
your employees understand the cleaning process and are
confident in completing the work.
Determine what kind of service you need.
Depending on your company and the space available, your cleaning service will be different in what they do. You need to

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How to bid on office cleaning contracts

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Focus on Customers in Each Step of the Marketing Cycle over time it will being you the results you went how are you helping them

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How to start an office cleaning business in the

Download E-book
Download E-book

Cyber security is something that is constantly on our mind here at Unit. This is because, according to Bloomberg, cyber security related issues costs companies around $400 Billion a year on average.

One of the easiest ways to curb these losses in your business is to train your employees to create a more secure email environment. Staff plays a crucial part in the security of your company, and employees who are unaware of the onslaught of cyber threats are a liability to the safety of your company’s data.

It is therefore of utmost importance that they are always up-to-date on the best procedures to keep the company safe.

In an effort to save you and your company from the horrors of a cyber-attack, here is a list of tips that help safeguard your business.

  • Never open links or attachments from unknown persons.
  • Don’t respond to emails that request a password change and require you to divulge personal information — no matter how official the source appears.
  • Ensure antivirus and anti-spy software is updated on your computer.
  • Encrypt any emails containing sensitive data before sending.
  • Don’t use your company email address to send and receive personal emails.
  • Don’t automatically forward company emails to a third-party email system.
  • Create strict standards for company-related Mobile Device usage

Mobile Devices have become an important tool of the workforce, and with them comes another wave of cyber threats. Making sure your employees have password-protected devices, encrypt emails, and download approved security applications to help keep the mobile data safe is very important.

Unit offers Mobile Device Management that will help with many of these safety features, including the ability to remotely wipe mobile devices. Contact us for all your security or Office 365 needs.

Scan & Index Manager delivers productivity at Beaumont hospital

Beaumont Hospital is a large academic teaching hospital 5km north of Dublin City centre. They provide emergency and acute care services across 54 medical specialties to a local community of some 290,000 people, while employing over 3,000 staff.

Download E-book
Download E-book

The Challenge

An inefficient filing system at Beaumont hindered healthcare workers who needed to be able to access patient records quickly and easily. Staff reverted to keeping paper records that were stored off-site. If a doctor or nurse needed to see them for a returning patient or if they were needed for a legal claim, then the file had to be physically retrieved from the archive and collected by courier; a time consuming process.

The Solution

With Ergo’s Scan & Index Manager documents were digitised and indexed in Microsoft SharePoint for easy search and retrieval. Implementation was risk-free and well planned because Ergo built the system at its headquarters first, replicating the Beaumont environment off-site before deploying it into the hospital.

“Ultimately, we wanted to get rid of the paper trail and totally trust Ergo to help us do it. Everything we have scoped and asked them to do they have delivered.”

The implementation of Ergo’s Scan & Index Manager system has delivered tangible productivity gains and cost savings for Beaumont Hospital. Doctors, nurses and administrators have robust systems that enable them to retrieve files in around 10 seconds compared to 30 minutes with the old system.


How 24 Hours Security Services Static Guardis Will Stop

How 24 Hours Security Services Static Guardis Will Stop
How 24 Hours Security Services Static Guardis Will Stop

What the World Would Be Like  If 24 Hours Security Services Didn’t Exist

17 Facts About 24 Hours Security Services That Will Impress Your Friends

16 ThingsYour Boss Expects You Know About 24 Hours Security Services

8 Reasons You Should beTalking About24 Hours Security Services

The Insider’sGuideto24 Hours Security Services

The Importance of Cleaning the Office Kitchen Sink

The Importance of Cleaning the Office Kitchen Sink

Most offices have a kitchen zone for the utilization of the representatives. Clearly this is similarly as critical to keep spotless as each other piece of the office, yet this doesn’t generally occur.

Actually however you may be amazed at the fact that it is so critical to remain in front of this piece of the office cleaning schedule. As indicated by examine, the kitchen sink specifically can have a bigger number of germs present in it than the normal latrine. This will stun numerous individuals as you would might suspect a latrine would be more inclined to being shrouded in microbes than the unassuming sink.

Some portion of the ordinary cleaning schedule

Those offices that have a standard cleaning group coming in to ensure their premises are superbly spotless and clean should ensure their kitchen space is remembered for the ordinary cleaning schedule.

“This exploration shows how hazardous an office kitchen can be on the off chance that it is left to putrefy after some time,” said a representative for Procare Cleaning. “There is no motivation behind why an office sink ought to be an asylum for germs on the off chance that it is cleaned normally. Anyway it is maybe more inclined to amassing germs than a sink at home would be. This is a result of the more noteworthy number of individuals who may utilize it during the normal day and furthermore give less consideration to spills than they would at home.”

This is one region where the maxim ‘pretty much everything’ unquestionably doesn’t have any significant bearing!

Commercial Cleaning, The Difference Between Clean and Sanitized

Blog/by epicfirst Cleaning

Grimy Office KeyboardMany individuals expect cleaning is a similar thing as disinfecting. In any case, when you are picking a cleaning organization it is indispensable to ensure you pick one that understands the distinction.

There can be a great many germs spread over ordinarily utilized regions of an office work area, for instance. When you include the germs that are probably going to be available on the work area, console, mouse and phone, you can be well into a huge number of germs. Just tidying over these things to make them look shrewd and clean doesn’t guarantee you execute the germs that are undetectable to the unaided eye..

Ensure you pick your cleaning organization cautiously

“The best commercial cleaning organizations are those that comprehend the significance of killing whatever number germs as would be prudent,” said a representative for Procare Cleaning. “At the point when a surface is appropriately purified it will be liberated from 99.9% of microorganisms and organisms that were initially present on that surface. This isn’t the situation if the surface just gets a wipe with a general cleaning item.

So as to ensure entrepreneurs can lessen infection and sick wellbeing in the workplace, it is basic that a legitimate cleaning administration is given. This will guarantee all the surfaces are sterilized rather than essentially cleaned. This implies the cleaning temporary worker must utilize the correct items to both eliminate germs and leave surfaces shimmering.”

In the event that you are worried that your office cleaners probably won’t do the best employment please contact your closest office for a free site visit

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Could An Improving UK Economy Lead to Better Quality Office Cleaning?

Blog /Cleaning

There is no uncertainty the green shoots of recuperation are starting to grow for the UK economy. While organizations are as yet careful about the future, there is still enough certainty there to look decidedly towards the future instead of just agonizing over it.

This implies organizations could now be in a situation to take on extra overheads. For instance they could think about professional office cleaning for the first run through, or consider expanding the degree of administration they right now get.

Another situation looked by certain organizations who, when the economy eased back, took on the cleaning obligations themselves. They extended to the employment opportunity to an individual from staff or their family as low maintenance evening work. As the economy has begun to improve that individual no longer needs to work at night thus the organization is losing their cleaning support. Time to consider get the experts?

The presence of a business matters an incredible arrangement with regards to dazzling potential customers and clients. Standard cleaners can help accomplish this objective by guaranteeing the premises are continually putting their best self forward.

Clean premises additionally help support an increasingly positive inclination among staff individuals also, on the grounds that everybody values working in a perfect and clean condition.

Going one stage better

ProCare Cleaning can offer an upgraded cleaning administration that can be custom fitted to accommodate your prerequisites, regardless of what kind of business you run. So why not contact us today for a citation.


What measures are you putting in place to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus?

Crown Infection DEEP CLEAN

What measures would you say you are setting up to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus?

With certain reports asserting that the coronavirus can satisfy 96 hours on a surface at room temperature, deep cleaning is a decent alternative with regards to protection measures for your business to remain in front of the effect lost staff hours may have.

We are offering our clinical deep cleaning administration, which we do for medical procedures and emergency clinics, to organizations across Kent.We would as a rule complete these cleans previously, during and after disease flare-ups of different kinds including Norovirus, Clostridium difficile (C-Diff), and standard yearly flu flare-ups.

What does the administration include?

We complete the standard deep cleaning nearby, then spotlight on the high hazard ordinary touch purposes of the structure, which include:

Entryway handles and push plates

Light switches


PC console and mouse


Latrine and kitchen taps

Latrine flush

Hand cleanser, towel and latrine move allocators

Stair hand rails

Work areas

Break room tables

These zones are cleaned with either a virucidal and bactericidal, dye based disinfectants, or superheated steam, as prescribed by the middle for sickness control.

We likewise clean all floor covering and upholstery on location utilizing powerful boiling water extraction apparatus and biocidal cleaner. These cleaning items are successful against microscopic organisms including MRSA and infections including Hepatitis B and HIV.and affirmed to EN1276


Our staff are completely prepared in disease control cleaning and protected up to £10,000,000.

For site where a case been suspected, cleaning staff will wear full PPE which incorporates:- expendable suits, eye insurance and a N95 face veil, dispensable gloves and shoe covers (if it’s not too much trouble note, you should exhort if so before the cleaning occurring)


Whether you have an enormous assembling plant or a little workshop, a master industrial cleaning organization that is equipped for keeping your creation space spick and range consistently will end up being a priceless resource for your business. To assist you with picking the best industrial cleaning organization in your general vicinity, we have ordered a rundown of focuses to consider while assessing neighborhood contractors. On the off chance that you are in Kent, you are, obviously, very greeting to reach us to talk about your needs yet on the off chance that not, we trust the accompanying rundown will assist you with making the right decision.

What an Expert Industrial Cleaning Contractor Should Offer

In the event that you can locate a neighborhood organization that offers the entirety of the accompanying, they are certainly deserving of genuine thought.

Adaptable Cleaning Calendar – A cleaning firm that will just turn up before anything else or last thing around evening time might be a solid match for an assembling organization that follows ordinary working hours yet on the off chance that your office runs on shifts, you will require a contractor that is glad to compose their cleaning timetable to suit your prerequisites.

Serious Rates – Albeit a few makers appreciate very sound overall revenues, particularly when contrasted with the retail segment, it is just conceivable to stay productive by holding running expenses under tight control. It is therefore critical to discover a cleaning firm that can assist you with achieving this point.

Complete Scope of Administrations – To stay away from superfluous confusions, we prescribe procuring an industrial cleaning contractor that offers a full scope of administrations. On the off chance that you need to liaise with one firm that gives pressure washing administrations, another that scopes floors but then another that spend significant time in cleaning washrooms, it could transform into a hierarchical bad dream.

Immaculate References – Demand references from existing clients in the industrial division and you will have the option to stay away from organizations that can’t convey on their guarantees.

The Next Big Thing in Office Cleaning

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have to juggle many priorities and daily demands. Acquiring and retaining customers. Avoiding inefficiency. Delivering excellent customer service. Managing costs. Hiring employees. Meeting government regulations. Keeping current with industry trends.

Technology can help SMBs streamline their processes, improve employee productivity, and maintain a competitive edge. But technology comes with its share of challenges, especially as mobile devices continue to take over and computing needs rapidly change.

That’s where managed services come in. Defined as specialized IT support delivered according to a clearly described service-level agreement over a fixed period of time for a low and predictable cost, managed services are the safest bet in today’s tech environment. Especially when compared with reactive or break-fix IT services.

Download E-book
Download E-book

Stability and Expertise

Predictable IT costs. Managed services convert variable IT costs tied to the break-fix or reactive mode of support into the stable costs of proactive support. This allows business owners to budget effectively and pay what they can afford on a set schedule rather than getting hit with unexpected bills when tech problems arise.

Legitimate training. On top of hiring and training an IT staff, the cost of ongoing education and certification can break a small business owner’s bank. And if you’re not well versed in the IT world, how can you ensure an IT employee is actually qualified? Don’t let undertrained tech “experts” fool you into thinking they can solve all of your problems.

Real-world experience. And while certifications are important, so is experience. Leading managed service providers encounter very few problems they haven’t seen before, while an in-house IT employee often remains narrowly focused on a small set of problems. You’d rather an experienced doctor solve your physical ailments, right? The same goes for an IT support team.

Reduced Risk, Leveled Playing Field

A safe bet. Since market trends, government regulations, financial conditions, and technologies all change quickly, every business investment carries a certain amount of risk. Working with a trusted MSP that can assume and manage much of this risk for you is a major advantage that comes with specific industry knowledge and years of experience.

A real competitive edge. Most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to match the strong in-house support services that larger companies enjoy. Working with an MSP, however, gives small companies enterprise-level solutions by providing the kind of access and expertise that large companies enjoy. Managed cost structures and economies of scale like that can give your company a major advantage.

Compliance that counts. Is your firewall capable of fending off attacks? Do you audit your workstations and servers regularly? Has your company implemented PCI security standards and worked to maintain those standards? Small to medium-sized businesses have more ways than ever to handle commerce via credit and debit cards, e- commerce, wire transfers, and more. But with this increased transaction sphere comes a stronger need for due diligence. Employing a managed services provider allows your business to minimize the risks associated with maintaining client data and other sensitive information, the misuse of which can cause serious harm to your business.

Break-Fix: High Cost, Low Value

“Hey Margaret!” Many small firms deal with IT this way: relying on a non-IT employee to handle day-to-day IT problems. Margaret never asked for this role — it just evolved in her direction. But the impact of her being asked to fix co-workers’ urgent issues is not often calculated; nor is the likelihood that her lack of formal IT knowledge can lead to more expensive repair bills in the future.

“I got a guy.” Small companies that have recognized the flaw in the “Hey Margaret!” support strategy attempt to solve the problem by engaging an experienced technical support specialist on a part-time, fixed hourly rate basis. Yet the “I got a guy” guy may maintain upwards of a dozen part-time clients in order to make a decent living, and he may not always be available when a business owner absolutely needs him. In this scenario, the company does get a more technically competent solution. But it’s also at the mercy of an independent operator with competing demands for his time and attention.

“Call in the Geek Squad!” Since the business owner usually only sees the “I got a guy” guy when there is a problem, mayhem ensues when frantic calls go unanswered. Then, the business owner has no choice but to open the yellow pages and look for help, often settling for the first company that can respond to the immediate need. While these techies may indeed provide relief for failed hard drives and other desktop issues, they often do not have the skills to support complex networks or understand a business’ specific needs.

“Hire an IT person — pronto!” When the lack of immediate availability becomes an issue (or when the “I got a guy ” and the “Geek Squad” fail resolve to an issue), the business owner finally decides to hire an in-house resource that can respond to user complaints. The new hire is immediately handed a long list of issues to resolve. Unfortunately for both the internal IT resource and the company, the list never gets shorter and the internal IT support is forever in “react” mode, responding to the most severe problem and seldom getting ahead.

Managed Services: Low Cost, High Value

Proactive approach = resolution before crisis. Monitoring and maintenance software can identify problems before they affect employee productivity. And everyone can rest easier knowing that resolution occurs before situations turn into “white-hot” emergencies.

Uniform application of the optimal resource. The lowest-cost, most highly credentialed resources are applied to recognized issues first, while bigger problems are escalated to higher-skilled resources tin a fluid and seamless manner so that resolution can be quickly achieved.

Fast response regardless of priority. With multiple levels of on-site and remote IT support available, problems can be addressed simultaneously rather than in sequential order. The proactive approach also ensures the ultimate in responsiveness: resolving issues while they’re still disguised and before they’re detected by the end user. The immediate impact is improved productivity; the longer-term impact is a more tech-literate staff that’s better able to leverage the company’s technology investment.

The Final Word

None of the issues faced by small to medium-sized businesses — relentless competition, technological complexity, the never-ending need to do more with less — are going to disappear anytime soon. So the value of a high-quality, low-cost solution to these issues will only grow. That’s why CMIT Solutions has spent years tailoring a variety of managed services that can help boost efficiency and productivity for your business.

Proactive IT support takes the complexity out of technology by providing comprehensive support at one flat-rate price — no surprises.

The break/fix approach to IT support has not only failed to meet the needs of SMBs, it has damaged the relationship between technicians and the small businesses they serve. Small businesses feel vulnerable because they don’t understand their technicians’ jargon-heavy language, heavy workload, and unpredictable costs. Meanwhile, technicians feel overworked and under appreciated, locked in a loop of repetitive, high-stress tasks as they run from one crisis to the next, unable to work on more satisfying projects that could offer lasting value to the business.

Only a radical change in IT support philosophy and delivery can make the break/fix model obsolete and deliver greater efficiency and productivity to SMBs at a lower, more predictable cost. Technology is integral to the success of a small to medium-sized business, and CMIT Solutions understands that.


support services to a business

A facilities management company can offer several support services to a business to ensure it’s on the right path when it comes to its business goals. Having a several years’ experience in many different business sectors will ensure that your business is only given access to the best kind of solution every time.

There can also be a lot of red tape when it comes to business legislation, and different businesses may need to deliver solutions in different ways. Employing the services of a facilities management company ensures that all legal requirements are met, while still offering a professional and reliable service.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to safeguard your business, or ensure that the cleaning of the premises is carried out efficiently, a facilities management company can help in both instances.

Even if you’re looking to maintain the current premises in relation to plumbing and decorating, a facilities management company can ensure that you have your business needs adhered to, while ensuring duties are carried out without hindering the operation of the business.

If your business is currently considering the services of a facilities management company, but are unsure of where to begin, then why not contact COMPANY NAME today to discuss your requirements in more detail. Each solution is tailored to the needs of your business, so you’re never going to be paying more than you need to.

The Important of Building Maintenance

Maintaining the premises of the business is just as important as the service that is offered to customers. Depending on your premises, there can be several different roles that need to be carried out to ensure that the building is in the best condition it can be.

Maybe you need someone on site to ensure all repairs are taken care of promptly. Or maybe you need to ensure that the premises are redecorated at a particular time each year. Whatever solution your business in need of, you can be sure that in most instances. A facilities management company will be able to assist.

Employing the services of a facilities management company means that the roles being carried out are being done so with legislation in mind. A facilities management company will be well versed with the legal requirements that apply to several different business types, and will ensure the correct solution is applied in every instance.

Allowing a facilities management company to take off building maintenance allows a business to invest more time into other areas of the business, confident that the outsourced roles are being taken care of accordingly.

Using the Right Kind of Cleaning Service

There are many requirements of a business, but one of the most important aspects of any business can be its cleanliness and hygiene. Depending on what sector your business operates in, there can be stringent rules in place when it comes to the routines carried out.

In some instances, this can be a burden on a business, especially if it’s trying to concentrate on other areas of the business. Of course, a business can employ a cleaner, but this can come with its own set of problems if the correct processes aren’t being followed.

Employing the services of a facilities management company not only ensures that any cleaning requirements taken care off, but also ensures that the correct processes are being implemented. Not only does leave a company with more time to invest in other areas of the business, but it also ensures that a business is confident should it be subjected to an inspection.

Every business is different, so there is no one solution in place when it comes to taking care your cleaning needs. This is what the right kind of facilities management company will look at your business and the way it operates, and ensure that the right kind of solution is put in place the first time.

If your business is currently looking to take care of its cleaning requirements, but finding the ordeal time-consuming and complex, they why not contact today for an informal discussion to see what solution can be put in place.

The Importance of a Security Guard

Running a business can be costly, and the lack of security can mean that there are more costs that there need to be. Security can be important within any industries, from a high street shop to an office. However, the same thing applies to any industry, and that is that the security solution in place must meet the demands of the business.

While any business can employ a security guard, it will always have access to an applicant’s background. This can mean that in some circumstances, the wrong person has been employed for the role, therefore worsening the situation.

A facilities management company has experience in several different fields, including security. The role of a security guard can involve several different roles, depending on the nature of the business. As such, it’s important for a business to have a person on site that is both experienced and professional.

Some businesses may assume that employing a facilities management company can be costly, but when you consider the loos of goods or rising insurance, the investment is much smaller than you think.

If you’re currently in the process of considering a security solution for your business, then why not contact today to discuss your requirements in more details.

Benefits of a Facilities Management Company

The running of a business can involve a lot of plate spinning. Taking our eye off one aspect of the business can mean that it falls behind, which can halt operations and hinder the company when it comes to growth.


office cleaning
office cleaning

mode is usually the most preferred transport mode by passengers as train transport service is cheap and comfortable. Comfort carries cleanliness and hygiene with itself. Hence, trains are well served with cleanliness services.

Most of you might have wondered just how clean and hygiene the few Trains are, despite millions of passengers traveling and using it the way they want. Around 5 million journeys every day, people walking in with all the dirt from the roadside, sneezing on poles or putting their feet on the seats. Train cleaning and security

service have become essential service, demanded by train managers and needed by passengers.

The very first thing every rail presentation manager has to consider is that each train route and operating environment is different and so is their cleanliness requirement different.

For instance, trains that travel through busy metropolitan areas will face different soiling than those on rural routes. Also, trains stopping at stations close, coal mines or quarries will probably need

more attention than other routes when it comes to interior cleaning. Also, the use of product matters. Using the right product for the right job can save time, effort and money.

Train Cleaning schedule:

Two of the things that often get neglected is the train cleaning schedule and staff training. In so many years of supplying cleaning chemicals to the rail industry, there are many cases of companies that were doing everything right, but because of insufficient product training for the cleaning staff, the results were not always as expected. The purpose is to create a cleaning schedule and correct cleaning procedures and make sure cleaning staff stick to them.

Winter strategy:

The cold season, in particular, is a time of extra cleaning challenges. To make sure they don’t get caught off guard, train presentation managers need to stock up in time for winter, which usually brings with it heavier levels of soiling. Keeping trains, platforms and tracks clear of ice is a seasonal challenge that can only be overcome by using dedicated winter products.

Exterior train cleaning is crucial too:

The exterior of the train must be clean too. Use of pH neutral chemicals are not particularly aggressive, they can remove oil, grease, dirt, and grime from rolling stock, while leaving a streak-free and gleaming finish, with a resistance to re-soiling and watermarks.

Get rid of nasty stains and odors:

Cleaning and sanitizing effluent tanks, toilet areas and emergency spills are some of the most unpleasant tasks faced by railway staff. Stocking relevant products on every train and training staff to adopt a customer friendly and customer oriented, the approach is the only ways of meeting passenger expectations while also controlling costs.

Surveys and reports reveal, train cleaning is undergoing on daily basis at several places, whereas, on rest other places, train cleaning is done once in a week or once in trimester or semester. There has been various facilities and services, which extend train cleaning and security on passenger’s demand.

They also welcome passenger’s request for phone calls and SMS. Nowadays, Railway transport has started releasing details of how often they clean trains on each of the lines. Responding to a request for Freedom of Information, they reveal all the information asked by masses regarding train cleanliness and security as that seats on the District, Metropolitan, and City lines are never shampooed. However, the carriages and berths do get a basic clean up done every night when a train goes back to the depot. The seats are also cleaned on regular basis. And covers are removed and/or replaced if they are soiled or torn out.

Train cleaning practices which are undergoing regularly include, cleaning of seats by simply brushing them or wiping them with a cloth every night. Litter, wrappers or some other kind of throwaways are collected, every night, out from the train.

The train cleaning and security service, however, includes, cleaning of poles and floors as well. Trains also get vacuumed during the cleaning process. Floors are mopped well.

These services are personalized too, at few places. The poles in the train are also given special cleanliness service as people may hang on to it. Exterior poles and a tiny staircase is washed out perfectly once in a two to three days. For women, special efforts are made in order to maintain the hygiene for disposing of the sanitary napkins during travel.


Security has become increasingly highlighted and concerned issue of daily routine, especially when it comes to travel. Due to everyday crime news and reports, people are discouraged to take train security as a genuine security. However, there is a lot of improvisation in train security and safety services. There are various safety services providing high security on the train.

Women security:

Ever since there has been a continuous and drastic increase in the number of filed cases of harassment of women and girls in the running trains. Numerous victims are found coming forward to report such incidences and the police are also responsibly registering such type of cases. 24X7 Railway Security Helpline is extended. Railway Police Force has got the great help of technology with Electronic Surveillance using CCTV cameras in trains. CCTV cameras have also proven helpful in encountering thieves.

Railway Police Department

There is Police Department for rail which has a range of behind-the-scenes and front-line security measures in several places to ensure passenger rail security. For several years, Railway Police Department has been serving without a fail and have made considerable endeavours. The department is 24 hours available to serve the passengers, making the train security and safety more trustworthy and the journey more comfortable.

Ticket security:

Gaming and making frauds in tickets are a no more new issue. Hence, ticket agents have made it mandatory for passengers to show their valid photo ID while purchasing tickets. Transportation Security Administration has carried out additional passenger identification procedures through a random ticket verification process.


For the train security and safety, and comfort of passengers, certain types of items are strictly prohibited onboard as checked or carry-on baggage. However, passengers can themselves also consider taking various safety measures in order to protect their luggage.