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How to bid on office cleaning contracts

Win business over your competitors

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How to bid on office cleaning

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Scan & Index Manager delivers productivity at Beaumont hospital

Scan and Index Manager at Beaumont Hospital is a large academic teaching hospital 5km north of Dublin City centre. They provide emergency and acute care services across 54 medical specialties to a local community of some 290,000 people, while employing over 3,000 staff.

Scan and Index Manager

Download E-book
Download E-book

The Challenge Of Scan and Index Manager

An inefficient filing system at Beaumont hindered healthcare workers who needed to be able to access patient records quickly and easily. Staff reverted to keeping paper records that were stored off-site. If a doctor or nurse needed to see them for a returning patient or if they were needed for a legal claim, then the file had to be physically retrieved from the archive and collected by courier; a time consuming process.

The Solution of Scan and Index Manager

With Ergo’s Scan and Index Manager documents were digitised and indexed in Microsoft SharePoint for easy search and retrieval. Implementation was risk-free and well planned because Ergo built the system at its headquarters first, replicating the Beaumont environment off-site before deploying it into the hospital.

“Ultimately, we wanted to get rid of the paper trail and totally trust Ergo to help us do it. Everything we have scoped and asked them to do they have delivered.”

The implementation of Ergo’s Scan & Index Manager system has delivered tangible productivity gains and cost savings for Beaumont Hospital. Doctors, nurses and administrators have robust systems that enable them to retrieve files in around 10 seconds compared to 30 minutes with the old system.


How 24 Hours Security Services Static Guard is Will Stop

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support services to a business support officer

Business support officer a facilities management company can offer several support services to a business to ensure it’s on the right path when it comes to its business goals. Having a several years’ experience in many different business sectors will ensure that your business is only given access to the best kind of solution every time.

There can also be a lot of red tape when it comes to business legislation, and different businesses may need to deliver solutions in different ways. Employing the services of a facilities management company business support officer ensures that all legal requirements are met, while still offering a professional and reliable service.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to safeguard your business, or ensure that the cleaning of the premises is carried out efficiently, a facilities management company can help in both instances.

Even if you’re looking to maintain the current premises in relation to plumbing and decorating, a facilities management company can ensure that you have your business needs adhered to, while ensuring duties are carried out without hindering the operation of the business.

If your business is currently considering the services of a facilities management company, but are unsure of where to begin, then why not contact COMPANY NAME today to discuss your requirements in more detail. Each solution is tailored to the needs of your business, so you’re never going to be paying more than you need to.

business support officer

The Important of Building Maintenance business support officer

Maintaining the premises of the business is just as important as the service that is offered to customers. Depending on your premises, there can be several different roles that need to be carried out to ensure that the building is in the best condition it can be.

Maybe you need someone on site to ensure all repairs are taken care of promptly. Or maybe you need to ensure that the premises are redecorated at a particular time each year. Whatever solution your business in need of, you can be sure that in most instances. A facilities management company will be able to assist.

Employing the services of a facilities management company’s business support officer means that the roles being carried out are being done so with legislation in mind. A facilities management company will be well versed with the legal requirements that apply to several different business types, and will ensure the correct solution is applied in every instance.

Allowing a facilities management company to take off building maintenance allows a business to invest more time into other areas of the business, confident that the outsourced roles are being taken care of accordingly.

Using the Right Kind of Cleaning Service

Cleaning service there are many requirements of a business, but one of the most important aspects of any business can be its cleanliness and hygiene. Depending on what sector your business operates in, there can be stringent rules in place when it comes to the routines carried out.

In some instances, this can be a burden on a business, especially if it’s trying to concentrate on other areas of the business. Of course, a business can employ a cleaner, but this can come with its own set of problems if the correct processes aren’t being followed.

Cleaning service

Employing the services of a facilities management company not only ensures that any cleaning requirements taken care off, but also ensures that the correct processes are being implemented. Not only does leave a company with more time to invest in other areas of the business, but it also ensures that a business is confident should it be subjected to an inspection.

Every business is different, so there is no one solution in place when it comes to taking care your cleaning service needs. This is what the right kind of facilities business support management company will look at your business and the way it operates, and ensure that the right kind of solution is put in place the first time.

If your business is currently looking to take care of its cleaning service requirements, but finding the ordeal time-consuming and complex, they why not contact today for an informal discussion to see what solution can be put in place.

The Importance of a Security Guard

Running a business can be costly, and the lack of security can mean that there are more costs that there need to be. Security can be important within any industries, from a high street shop to an office. However, the same thing applies to any industry, and that is that the security solution in place must meet the demands of the business.

While any business can employ a security guard, it will always have access to an applicant’s background. This can mean that in some circumstances, the wrong person has been employed for the role, therefore worsening the situation.

A facilities management company has experience in several different fields, including security. The role of a security guard can involve several different roles, depending on the nature of the business. As such, it’s important for a business to have a person on site that is both experienced and professional.

Some businesses may assume that employing a facilities management company can be costly, but when you consider the loos of goods or rising insurance, the investment is much smaller than you think.

If you’re currently in the process of considering a security solution for your business, then why not contact Epic first support today to discuss your requirements in more details.

Benefits of a Facilities Management Company’a cleaning service

The running of a business can involve a lot of plate spinning. Taking our eye off one aspect of the business can mean that it falls behind, which can halt operations and hinder the company when it comes to growth.