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Cleaning and security training mode is usually the most preferred transport mode by passengers as train transport service is cheap and comfortable. Comfort carries cleanliness and hygiene with itself. Hence, trains are well served with cleanliness services.

Most of you might have wondered just how clean and hygiene the few Trains are, despite millions of passengers traveling and using it the way they want. Around 5 million journeys every day, people walking in with all the dirt from the roadside, sneezing on poles or putting their feet on the seats. Train cleaning and security

service have become essential service, demanded by train managers and needed by passengers.

The very first thing every rail presentation manager has to consider is that each train route and operating environment is different and so is their cleanliness requirement different.

For instance, trains that travel through busy metropolitan areas will face different soiling than those on rural routes. Also, trains stopping at stations close, coal mines or quarries will probably need

more attention than other routes when it comes to interior cleaning. Also, the use of product matters. Using the right product for the right job can save time, effort and money.

Train Cleaning and security training schedule:

Two of the things that often get neglected is the train cleaning schedule and staff training. In so many years of supplying cleaning chemicals to the rail industry, there are many cases of companies that were doing everything right, but because of insufficient product training for the cleaning staff, the results were not always as expected. The purpose is to create a Cleaning and security training schedule and correct cleaning procedures and make sure cleaning staff stick to them.

Winter strategy:

The cold season, in particular, is a time of extra cleaning challenges. To make sure they don’t get caught off guard, train presentation managers need to stock up in time for winter, which usually brings with it heavier levels of soiling. Keeping trains, platforms and tracks clear of ice is a seasonal challenge that can only be overcome by using dedicated winter products.

Exterior train cleaning is crucial too:

The exterior of the train must be clean too. Use of pH neutral chemicals are not particularly aggressive, they can remove oil, grease, dirt, and grime from rolling stock, while leaving a streak-free and gleaming finish, with a resistance to re-soiling and watermarks.

Get rid of nasty stains and odors:

Cleaning and sanitizing effluent tanks, toilet areas and emergency spills are some of the most unpleasant tasks faced by railway staff. Stocking relevant products on every train and training staff to adopt a customer friendly and customer oriented, the approach is the only ways of meeting passenger expectations while also controlling costs.

Surveys and reports reveal, train cleaning is undergoing on daily basis at several places, whereas, on rest other places, train cleaning is done once in a week or once in trimester or semester. There has been various facilities and services, which extend train cleaning and security on passenger’s demand.

They also welcome passenger’s request for phone calls and SMS. Nowadays, Railway transport has started releasing details of how often they clean trains on each of the lines. Responding to a request for Freedom of Information, they reveal all the information asked by masses regarding train cleanliness and security as that seats on the District, Metropolitan, and City lines are never shampooed. However, the carriages and berths do get a basic clean up done every night when a train goes back to the depot. The seats are also cleaned on regular basis. And covers are removed and/or replaced if they are soiled or torn out.

Cleaning and security training which are undergoing regularly include, cleaning of seats by simply brushing them or wiping them with a cloth every night. Litter, wrappers or some other kind of throwaways are collected, every night, out from the train.

The train cleaning and security service, however, includes, cleaning of poles and floors as well. Trains also get vacuumed during the cleaning process. Floors are mopped well.

These services are personalized too, at few places. The poles in the train are also given special cleanliness service as people may hang on to it. Exterior poles and a tiny staircase is washed out perfectly once in a two to three days. For women, special efforts are made in order to maintain the hygiene for disposing of the sanitary napkins during travel.


Security has become increasingly highlighted and concerned issue of daily routine, especially when it comes to travel. Due to everyday crime news and reports, people are discouraged to take train security as a genuine security. However, there is a lot of improvisation in train security and safety services. There are various safety services providing high security on the train.

Women security:

Ever since there has been a continuous and drastic increase in the number of filed cases of harassment of women and girls in the running trains. Numerous victims are found coming forward to report such incidences and the police are also responsibly registering such type of cases. 24X7 Railway Security Helpline is extended. Railway Police Force has got the great help of technology with Electronic Surveillance using CCTV cameras in trains. CCTV cameras have also proven helpful in encountering thieves.

Railway Police Department

There is Police Department for rail which has a range of behind-the-scenes and front-line security measures in several places to ensure passenger rail security. For several years, Railway Police Department has been serving without a fail and have made considerable endeavours. The department is 24 hours available to serve the passengers, making the train security and safety more trustworthy and the journey more comfortable.

Ticket security:

Gaming and making frauds in tickets are a no more new issue. Hence, ticket agents have made it mandatory for passengers to show their valid photo ID while purchasing tickets. Transportation Security Administration has carried out additional passenger identification procedures through a random ticket verification process.


For the Cleaning and security training security and safety, and comfort of passengers, certain types of items are strictly prohibited onboard as checked or carry-on baggage. However, passengers can themselves also consider taking various safety measures in order to protect their luggage.